SEO Strategy Service: What to Expect?

SEO strategy

SEO strategy is an essential exercise for any business. Discover what makes a good SEO strategy, how it differs per industry and much more.

Target quality traffic and improve conversions  Enhance your PR  Move ahead of your competition  Discover opportunities and tap into traffic trends  

What to expect from an SEO strategy?

An SEO strategy is a comprehensive work that includes all you need to optimize your digital presence, get traffic and convert better.

  • A detailed SEO audit with an action plan that includes precise tactics and actions to rank on top of search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • The recommendations in the audit report are based on your business specific objectives and best practices in digital marketing and SEO for your industry
  • Content marketing strategy; recommendations of topics and articles to publish based on user intent, search volumes, forecasted traffic and competition
  • Advice on website UX improvements

The SEO strategy helps you to identify how your competitors get more traffic to their pages. This helps you to do a better job when targeting prospects. That’s said, to give your prospects what they are looking for through defining search queries, metadata and content based on SEO analysis. You get a full plan with a comprehensive guide to optimize your digital presence and UX with. 

The scope of an SEO strategy

  1. Technical SEO: how well your content can be crawled and indexed (crawl, index, user experience, page speed, code issues, etc.)
  2. On-site SEO: the optimization of your content and HTML (content optimization, page titles, metadata, internal linking, etc.)
  3. Off-site SEO: improving your site authority and reputation by building backlinks on reputable websites and improving social signals

Different SEO strategies for different business models

List of Strategic Actions

As a result of an audit, you will get a list containing strategic actions with priority status. These actions are prioritized from critical to important to semi-important. The list includes as well opportunities, best practices, and content suggestions. All based on the industry’s web performance and user search queries.

The strategy will be then presented to the client in order to discuss the actions and the most effective way to implement them. Of course, the client’s resources, budget, and business priorities will be taken into consideration.

Additionally, It is possible to implement the digital strategy. Therefore, upon approval of the strategy, the following steps will be taken:

  • The implementation and tracking of the performance (with your IT team or through external IT partners)
  • Continuous testing and optimization
  • Progress report and result analysis

The client will receive a report with updates of the results. Not only is the goal to ensure that the strategy has been applied, but also that the actions and their results are actually working, monitored and tracked.

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1. Assess the health of your website with
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2. Reach your niche target audience and increase traffic with content optimization

3. Grow your online authority and reputation with backlink building backlink building
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