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We offer SEO workshops to organizations of all sizes. Our custom SEO trainings and consultancy services prepare your staff to create content and maintain the website to boost organic traffic generation from search engines; align the SEO process within your organization, and apply best practices on your digital platforms.



We will train your team on using the SEO tools needed and get familiar with actionable SEO tactics to win customers organically without paying for ads and create a profitable and sustainable online business. Your team will:

  • Understand search engines and algorithms, and how they work.
  • Learn how to do effective Keyword research
  • Conduct a competitor analysis
  • Build an SEO measurement framework
  • Improve your webpage optimization
  • Build your off-page SEO tactics
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Customised To Your Business Goals

We will define the goal(s) of your SEO workshop according to your business needs. They can be:

  • Organic traffic growth
  • Avoid having poor organic
  • performance following a website redesign or migration
  • Reducing the dependency on paid traffic
  • Establishing content marketing as a major traffic channel
  • Specifying up a web platform that enables scalable SEO
  • Setting up the organization SEO process
  • Technical SEO quality assurance
  • Editorial SEO process and best practice
  • Google Search Console Training
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A Learning Experience That Ends With Application​

If you have never dealt with search engine optimization before or think it is a complex topic, you are not alone. Many have enjoyed the learning experience and managed to apply the learning effectively. The advantage of our SEO training is that you get the information you need from a competent expert, unlike the overwhelming guides and training material out there on the internet that are generic, time-consuming and confusing most of the time. It’s an entertaining event in which you get exciting insights into the everyday life of a search engine optimizer. The SEO trainer passes on her experiences to the participants and provides valuable tips that can be used in day-to-day work. The training can be designed as a lecture, an open discussion or a workshop.

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Nadia Mojahed HAS been working in SEO and Digital Marketing fields since more than 12 years. She has organized and spoke at dozens of expert seminars and workshops in Switzerland and internationally. She will teach you how SEO works and how to manage the optimisation process in house. More than a trainer, she will monitor your progress and actions, and help you improve your overall approach to achieving your goals. You will be held accountable for increasing results and doing what you need to succeed.

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Nadia Mojahed
Digital SEO Consultant

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SEO & Digital Strategy Events in Switzerland

SEO Transformers organise online SEO and Web events onlineAt each session, we either have a presentation or open discussions about SEO and web related topics.  

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We organize the training virtually or at your premises. The process starts with an initial consultation to understand your needs and team structure. We then conduct a mini-SEO audit to check the health of your website and determine further the areas to cover in training. The duration of the training will depend on the areas you need and the number of people involved.

We customize the SEO training to suit your organization’s specific requirements. The overall aim of these services is to “train” and “educate” your team members to become self-sufficient in managing the organization SEO process. We provide SEO auditing services to determine what type and kind of SEO work may be required for your website to achieve the preset goals.

Any member of the organization who will be delegated to plan and manage the SEO program, such as content creators, marketing and communication managers, web admins/ developers, product and project managers. All should learn about the SEO process and how it works.

Investing in educating your staff about SEO will help you maximise your organic performance and avoid mistakes that impact your ranking. For larger teams it helps align the content creation process and saves time of rounts of itierations and modifications.