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WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS platforms, powering 30% of all websites – from multi-tiered, complex sites to small personal blogs – worldwide.

It’s one of the most powerful mediums for achieving results with SEO. However, the simple use of plug-ins and stuffed keywords won’t help you rank high on Google, even on WordPress…

This is where our bespoke WordPress SEO services shine through.

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We are a WordPress SEO agency that can help you transform your website into a high converting machine. We have focused on WordPress SEO services that propel traffic, online sales, and search engine rankings for years. Our WordPress SEO consultants are well-versed with all the industry’s ‘ins-and-outs and will devise a WordPress SEO plan tailored especially with your business goals in view.

Advance Your Site & Unlock Your True Potential With Our WordPress SEO Services

Our WordPress SEO strategy for your site is initiated by performing effective research. Each of our WordPress SEO consultants takes the time to understand your business and its target audience, their needs, and purchase motivations. We use an array of WordPress SEO expert services and resources to dig deep and take the necessary steps to implement a powerful, fruit-bearing SEO plan.

We offer the following services:

  • WordPress speed optimization
  • Content development strategy
  • Comprehensive SEO reporting
  • URL/ navigation structure optimization
  • Installation of SEO plug-ins and optimization of their use
  • Google Analytics configuration
  • Link profile analysis
  • XML sitemap management
  • Monthly reviews & strategy calls
  • And, much more!

Transforming WordPress-Powered Sites Into High Converting Machines

Over the years, our WordPress SEO experts have devised processes to help you rank high and drive organic traffic to your WordPress-powered website.Your website is your 24/7 salesperson; thus, it should be capable enough to pitch your product/service to prospects attractively.

Our WordPress experts can help you achieve that by:

  • Increasing targeted traffic
  • Higher ranking on SERPs
  • Greater click and conversion rates
  • More social shares
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Improved email sign-ups

How We Achieve Visibly Better & Greater Results!


Comprehensive WordPress SEO Audit & Analysis

If you already have a well-set-up WordPress site, our experts will perform an extensive SEO audit to determine what changes, modifications, and additions need to be undertaken in order to boost your visibility and rankings in SERPs. Our WordPress consultant will also identify long-handing fruit (simple to fix problems) grounded on your existing keyword positions to see what alterations may lead to the greatest ranking impact in the shortest time.


Tailored SEO Strategies

Once we’re done analyzing your site, our next – and perhaps the most important – step will be to sit with a team of WordPress SEO consultants to devise a custom search engine optimization strategy that’s just for you. It will focus not only on your business goals but also on your competition, industry and current positions. We are a WordPress SEO agency that understands there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy in SEO. No campaigns will ever be the same, and all strategies are tailored based on your needs.


Optimized Website Structure & Visibility

We always design site structures based on your unique business needs. Everything is decided – from pages, tags, categories, etc., to displays on search engines – based on user searches, site performance, and how other market players have optimized their sites for visibility. Although WordPress offers several flexible plug-ins and options to manage webpage appearances, URL structure and more, our WordPress SEO experts go an extra mile to ensure it’s optimized appropriately.


Monthly Technical Reviews/Updates & On-Site Optimization

With a highly capable in-house team of WordPress experts, we easily undertake technical updates to improve your website ranking. From elementary changes like header tags, title tags, ALT tags, etc., to more complex tasks, such as coding pages to focus on featured search results, our experts are equipped to handle whatever’s thrown their way. 

We’ll also endeavour to augment your website’s internal linking structure, get your on-site optimization needs in optimal shape, and set up your SSL certificate. Need custom programming or landing page development? Don’t fret. We’ve got quality digital services too!


Ongoing Content Creation & Optimization

Content is King” is a phrase you might have surely come across once or twice in your SEO journey, and believe us, it couldn’t be truer. New content is critical for an ongoing and successful WordPress SEO campaign. Therefore, our SEO experts will devise a content calendar especially to rank for new keywords and enhance rankings for existing keywords. To rank high on SERPs and earn authority, it’s imperative important have a unique, well-thought-out and well-developed content strategy. We also offer content creation services for continuous posts, blogs and articles on industry topics to generate external links back to your website.


Why Should You Hire a WordPress SEO Agency?

WordPress undoubtedly has an exceptional reputation, more so when it concerns SEO. That said, it’s definitely worth optimizing your website in line with SEO guidelines and best practices. Remember, you need more than somebody who’s only versed in SEO basics. Hiring an experienced WordPress SEO agency can help you climb rankings on SERPs and successively acquire more organic traffic.

Give us a call today for a free consultation, and let’s discuss how our WordPress SEO experts can create a tailored strategy just for you.

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For most websites, search engines like Google and Bing are indeed the most significant sources of traffic. Google as well as all other search engines, utilize sophisticated algorithms to comprehend and rank web pages fittingly in SERPs (search engine result pages). However, please note that these algorithms are not perfect – they still require your help to understand your website fully or rather what your content is all about. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play.

If you fail to optimize your website content, Google will not know how to rank it. For instance, when a user searches for the matters you write about, your site will not emerge in the search results, eventually and sadly missing out on all the traffic. This is why all businesses must make their sites search engine friendly through SEO to maximize organic traffic.

Established websites should be able to see results within one to three months, whereas new websites can take anywhere from six to nine months to witness significant results. 

Yes, to undertake necessary SEO optimizations, we’ll need admin access to your website. In case you already have a WordPress developer, we can instruct him/her regarding actions that can optimize your site.

Frankly speaking, optimizing a WordPress-powered site is not much different than optimizing any other mainstream site. The same key aspects of SEO matter here the most as well, such as thorough keyword search and using the right ones, enriching website speed, generating high quality and unique content, to name a few. 

The only thing that differs on WordPress is the implementation of technical SEO strategies. You perhaps already know WordPress utilizes themes built in PHP. Therefore, it’s essential that the WordPress SEO services provider has specialized developers on the team. Technical SEO is gaining more popularity and significance than ever before, so choose a WordPress SEO agency that has all the necessary skills to increase your chance of ranking #1 on search results.

The more you work on your marketing efforts, the easier it’ll get for you to rank high on leading search engines. Email marketing, Goggle Ads campaigns, social media marketing and affiliate marketing can help significantly to build your brand presence and name on the internet. Eventually, as the brand name grows, search engines like Google reward your site with a superior domain rating score. If you are an already established brand online, employing SEO efforts will allow your organic traffic to explode.

All of our strategies are customized based on your existing marketing endeavours and where you currently stand on SERPs.